Don't Become a Mess from Stress

Are exams and homework giving you unnecessary stress? College students face many stressors such as: living away from home, academic anxiety, finances, thinking about the future, roommate problems, other relationships, etc. Along with these stressors, symptoms such as: difficulty sleeping, not being hungry, anxiety, depression etc. can occur and hinder academic performance. Don’t worry you’re not alone, here are some helpful tips in order to avoid these things from happening:

1. It is important to eat a well-balanced diet.

If your body has proper nutrition, it’ll be able to fight off the many diseases that spread throughout campus, which could get you behind in schoolwork.

2. Make sure you plan ahead in order to get the proper amount of sleep.

Being well rested, getting the suggested 7-8 hours of sleep, can prevent fatigue and increase concentration so you can tackle your daily tasks.

3. Try to keep an active routine.

Staying active can give you energy, self-confidence and relieve your mind of stress. By keeping an active routine, it can boost your attention in classes which can result in better grades.

4. Maintain strong relationships with the people around you.

Stress can cause people to go into isolation which can lead you to feelings of despair, but by having a support system and knowing that someone is there to listen can help cope with your stress.

5. Utilizing resources on the UWGB campus.

Examples of resources on campus would include, but are not limited to:

Career Services – they help guide you during and after your college career to plan for your future endeavors.

The Learning Center – offers one-on-one help for any homework or writing assignment you are struggling with, and provides a good area for study groups to meet.

Disability Services – they provide an equal opportunity for all students to learn by obtaining accommodations for their needs.
Health and Counseling Center – provides on-campus behavioral health and nurse assessments for free.

GBOSS – they provide administration, financial aid and registration help by answering questions that students may have.

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